Screen Cube is a zip screen sunshade system. The system provides protection against excessive sunlight, is an excellent barrier against wind, insects and pollution. It is an optional part of the NUUN ECO pergola.
  • shape of the roller box – bevelled at 45˚
  • minimum visible width of the guide profile of 30 x 50 mm – loading beam that retracts completely into the roller box, ensuring optimum access of light in the open position of the shade
  • the possibility of using an obstacle detection system that stops the shade if an obstacle is encountered
  • direct integration of the fabric with the guide (welded-in zipper mechanism), guaranteeing maximum sealing
  • selection of high-quality fabrics including translucent and non-transparent fabrics which reduce sunlight by up to 100% by means of reflection and absorption of sunlight, depending on the fabric selection, while reducing UV radiation
  • a wide range of colours of structural elements and fabrics allows perfect adaptation the Screen Cube cover to the colours of the NUUN ECO pergola
  • control: automatic; possible integration of Screen Cube with an intelligent control system.


  • Maximum height: zip screen installed in the light: Fabric: 0% – available on request Fabric: 5% – 3 000 mm Fabric: 1% – 2 710 mm /measured from the bottom to the top of the box/
  • Maximum width: 4 000 mm
  • Minimum dimensions: 950 x 500 mm
  • Possible shading surfaces with an element width of up to 4 m and a surface area of 12 m2.





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